The Grape Hat was actually signed by Elton John!

Welcome to Peacee Hats

These are but a few examples of hat styles and patterns. Hats can be made to your specifications.

Blue Trilbey
"Jester" hat created during a beach trip when we watched FIFA matches.
Devil-horned conductor hat
Daddy and daughter in matching hats
Christmas Tree hat. Yep, it's a hat. And it's huge and heavy, so it's good for a display.
Rainbow shield hat
Beanie hats are made adjustable in the back... kind of like a baseball cap.
Santa hat! Whatever colors you want!
Alien head hats for a "Mars Attacks" group costume from 2015.

If you're in Key West, check out my hats at In Touch on Duval Street. The address is below.


In Touch With You

706-A Duval Street

Key West, FL  33040

(305) 294-1995

About Peacee Hats:

Creations made by Nathan Gay in Key West primarily out of pipe cleaners. The material has more weight than traditional hat fabrics and can be manipulated into almost any shape for any special occasion or even every day wear. The only limit is your imagination.

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